Stones River Battlefield

This year, I have visited Vicksburg, Carter House (Battle of Franklin) and paid more attention to the Cowan line during the Tullahoma Campaign which happened during the the same time as Vicksburg and Gettysburg and therefore gets overshadowed and up until about 20 years ago almost ignored. We grew up hearing about Bull Run, Antietam, Sherman’s March to the Sea and Grant vs. Lee.

The Stones River Battle which occurred at the end of 1862 near Murfreesboro, Tennessee also is rarely mentioned in national accounts on the Civil War. This despite being the Union Victory that enabled Abraham Lincoln to issue the Enamancipation Proclamation. Keep in mind, 1862 had mostly been a disaster for the North in the East and would continue until Gettysburg. The North did better in Tennessee, but still a long ways to go.

The Stones River battle involved around 81,000 soldiers and ended up with 24,000 casualties making it in the top ten of costliest battles. It was nice to get an overview of the battle where it involved the main Union line just west of the railroad that ran from Nashville to Chattanooga. This area involved 30,000 soldiers, hundred of horses and several artillery pieces. Of an original 4,000 acres that the battle involved, this part was about 50 acres out of approximately 650 acres preserved.

We then toured part of the cemetery which was established after the battle.








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